2018 was a good year for RYiS Productions, we had a hand full of projects last year that helped our designers develop their skill sets and provide some awesome content to our customers!! Here’s to 2019, and success to everyone out there!!

Demon Transport

Worked on getting this project, unfortunately it did not work out.  Did up some preliminary sketches, while waiting on the client to review our proposal.  Unfortunately they decided to go a different way.  On the bright side we liked the idea and the sketches so much we decided to put together a quick Style-Scape for the project anyways.  This step is what we would do after the proposal is accepted, take our sketches and turn them into presentable art.  Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose when bidding on a project.  I think my next project will be putting together a more streamline client vetting process to help close more proposals.  To view a high res version of the Style-Scape click here.


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